The Dominican Law Enforcement Officers of Florida Organization is dedicated to helping our youth develop into productive members of society. DLEOFL’s mission has always been to coach, mentor, and encourage education while discouraging drugs gangs and criminal mischief. In these efforts we have established a youth development program that focuses on education, discipline and motivation. These three elements are key to constructing the necessary foundation for young adults to achieve all their goals and dreams.

Our Goal

Our goal with the DLEOFL youth development program is to reach as many children as possible and positively impact them through our efforts and affirmative approach. As professional members of law enforcement we are trained to recognize unsettled behaviors that trouble many young adults, and if left unaddressed can lead into potential negative behavioral issues that dangerously affect a child’s development.

This Program focuses on working in local schools, communities and public libraries, in conjunction with other youth agencies and organizations.


DLEOFL concentrates on education being the most important factor a young adult should dedicate their time and energy to. We encourage young adults to understand the need to learn and develop their intellect. We offer encouragement and assistance in completion of the

  • High School Diploma/G.E.D.
  • Vocational Training
  • Certification Programs
  • College or University


DLEOFL strives to give young adults a sense of control by laying out clear objectives which in turn inspires students to continue working towards achieving their goals. We motivate our youth by encouraging

  • The creation of a stress-free environment
  • The Use of  positive reinforcement by offering rewards
  • Defining objectives
  • Giving praise when earned
  • Self-reflection
  • Managing anxiety
  • Making goals attainable
  • The tracking of progression
  • Opportunities for success


Our program puts a great emphasis on attention and guidance of youth, which with time proves the discipline and hard work which can bring you a profession of great admiration and success. We coach and mentor by:

  • Applying behavior modification
  • Invert- Monitoring progress
  • Teaching Problem Solving
  • Conducting Individual and Group Lectures
  • Rewarding Good Behavior
  • Explaining the Reason Behind Rules
  • Teaching to build your Own Model for Self-Discipline
  • Building your Own Model for Self-Discipline
  •  Teaching the art of Learning to Forgive Yourself and Move Past the Mistakes
  • Establishing a Positive Outlook on Life

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