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The Dominican Law Enforcement Officers of Florida Organization known as DLEOFL, is a non-profit organization that helps brings together Law Enforcement Officers with the common goal of helping children in the community. In 2017 this organization was established by members of active and retired law enforcement officers who felt that our community needed to be represented by its officers during a time where conflict and mis-perception of law enforcement grew in the cities we both lived and worked. Our officers of Dominican-American decent decided to join a group that was dedicated to changing those misconceptions that negatively portrayed our profession. In these efforts DLEOFL was created to promote solidarity among its members, enrich law enforcements image by committing to focus on community issues and listening to the concerns that troubled our youth. Today our members and volunteers continue to work together in finding solutions and working with our youth in a proactive approach focusing on the root of problem. We’ve established a youth mentoring program that concentrates on promoting education, motivation and discipline. Nevertheless, these community outreach programs and other events that DLEOFL organizes would not be possible without your support and participation.

We ask that you join our team and help bring forth positive change in our communities and help our youth succeed. The Dominican Law Enforcement Officers of Florida Organization welcomes you and invites you to explore our programs and learn how you can contribute to our mission.

William Castro


The Dominican Law Enforcement Officers of Florida Organization,Inc (DLEOFL) is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Florida that was established in 2017 by members of various law enforcement agencies who are of Dominican descent and work in the state of Florida. The members of this organization felt compelled to give back to the community by volunteering to help those in need and by serving as role models to the children of our communities.

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